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Body piercing and body jewelry are trends that have been around for many years. While many people are choosing to have piercings, a good number of people are also wondering whether or not there are any side effects. Body piercings done on the navel, nose and ear are very popular among individuals of all ages. However, there are also some few additions included to the list like tongue piercings.

Many people dream of having piercings, but many do not know how to ensure it is done right. Most side effects and infections come about as a result of improper care after piercing. Infections may also occur if a less experienced person is hired to deliver the service. However, when the necessary precautionary measures are taken, the piercing will have no complications.

The thought of having a piercing as you walk down a narrow alley at a cheap price may seem lucrative. Is the risk really worth it? A body piercing is both an art and a science. So, bad piercings can cause lots of complications like nerve disorders, infections, hepatitis, HIV or tetanus.

A piercing expert is familiar with anatomy of your body. Furthermore, the professionals can pierce different body types while ensuring proper hygiene is maintained throughout the process. They can also recommend a specific place especially if there are any risks or hazards involved with your chosen piercing body part.

It is not a wise idea to buy and wear jewelry items simply because they are cheap. Piercing jewelry must be selected carefully. Body piercing must be made of high quality and sterilized materials like surgical steel, titanium, or acrylic. Proper aftercare procedures are also vital. This entails a proper cleaning regime, proper medication, proper diet among others. So, choose to have your piercing done professionally to avoid complications that are likely to arise.