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Our concierge makes finding Summer Camps EZ!

Finding the most appropriate summer camps is a time consuming process since there are so many options to choose from. Sports-specific camps, science camps, music camps, bible camps, and art camps are just some few examples. Even though variety is a good thing, it may be a little overwhelming to identify the most suitable summer camps. Below are some guidelines to help you make a good choice.

Location is one of the most critical factors. For instance, you need to determine how far you are willing to drive from your home. The camp should have a schedule that fits your schedule during summer. It would also be ideal if the schedule fits your family’s schedule as well.

Since the variety of camps available today is almost endless, consider the content as a basis for choosing a suitable camp. Multidimensional camps are preferable since they combine a variety of activities which makes them a good choice if your child’s interests vary. In some instances, trying out something new uncovers hidden interests or talents.

Consider your budget while shopping around for a good camp. In most instances, camps charge clients based on program content, staffing credentials, reputation and services offered. So, consider how much you are willing to spend as this will enable you narrow down a long list to a few camps.

The format of the camp also matters a great deal. You may choose half-day or full-day. You may start with the half-day camps and see how your children adapt to the pace. The full day camps are suitable for kids who are already used to attending school the whole day.

Instead of spending so much time trying to find the best summer camps near you, simply submit an inquiry to EZBZ indicating your specific areas of interest and suitable camps shall be recommended for you and your family.